Friday, July 5, 2019

Countertops at Impressive Prices at EassyStone

The best part about EassyStone is the fact that the company cuts the middlemen concept and buys products directly from quality proven manufacturers, thereby supplying a wide range of high-quality products from granite countertops to countertops composites (benkeplater kjøkken kompositt) at unbelievable prices.

Granite is one of the most common rock types available. Different compositions make the granite countertops have different looks and colors that range from white to red and black. The differences in the mineral composition also give the granite its vibrant pattern and texture.

Granite is one of the most widely selected materials for countertops, due to its classic tone and stylish look and simple maintenance. With an ability to withstand heat up to roughly 260 degrees, granite worktop makes the perfect pick for your kitchen. The professionals at EassyStone treat the natural small pores on the surface by delivery so that all pores are sealed, thereby making the surface more stain resistant.

The company also offers silestone worktops and silestone countertops also known as quartz. The unique structure of Silestone makes it quite strong and highly scratch resistant. With a porous texture, composites don’t absorb water, and can easily withstand heat up to 180 degrees and doesn’t require any sort of maintenance anytime soon. The company offers countertops of an extensive color range with polished, matt, and natural surface. The best part of your buying journey is undoubtedly the fact that all silestone countertops carry a 25-year quality warranty (silestone benkeplate pris). The low countertop composite price offered by EassyStone has been helping the company expand its customer reach and product sales. 

What are you waiting for? Give your kitchen a touch that speaks volumes with the help of the professionals at EassyStone who can help you give your abstract vision life by choosing the best countertop option for you.